Materials & Jewellery Care


Argentium silver is a more pure form of silver (having a 935 purity rate compared to the 925 rate in common sterling silver). Argentium is an alloy of fine silver and germanium, making it more resistant to tarnishing, as well as brighter and whiter in colour. It is also hypoallergenic.


Our 14K Gold fill is made using a solid layer of 14K Gold that is bonded to another metal (usually brass). It is more than 100 times thicker than any high quality gold plated or gold vermeil jewellery. If treated with care, your gold filled pieces can be enjoyed for a very long time without tarnishing or wearing away.
Those with metal allergies can usually wear gold filled jewellery as the only metal touching your skin will be the solid gold layer.

To extend the life of your gold fill pieces, we recommend removing them when in contact with water, cleaning products, lotions and perfumes.


All of our brass pieces are handcrafted from solid brass. They can be left to oxidize and patina naturally, or be polished back to a brilliant shiny golden tone.


Caring for and enjoying your jewelry for a lifetime begins with being mindful of how to wear and store your pieces. Whenever possible, remove your jewellery when showering, swimming, or working with your hands.

Metals that naturally oxidize (brass and silver) should be stored in an air tight bag, in a dry, non-humid area. However, the more you wear your pieces, the less they will oxidize.